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Americium241 is incorporated in a graphite or ceramic matrix and sealed in a welded

titanium alloy or monel capsule with a brazed beryllium window.


Half Life: 423.1 Years

Photon Energies: XLα  13.9keV (13.3%)

XLβ  17.8keV (20.2%)

XLλ 20.8keV (5.2%)

λE1  26.3keV (2.4%)

λE2  59.5keV (35.8%)




Order Number Nominal Activity (10%)

Typical photon output

ph/sec per 10-4 steradian

Overall geometric dimensions

DxH, mm

Active part

dxh, mm

mCi MBq 59.5keV 17.8keV**
SRAM2413* 3 111 3.0x102 0.7x102



SRAM24110* 10 370 0.8x103 1.5x102


    Recommended working life: 10years

    * Made to IAEA Special Form

    ** X-Ray energy flow of 17.8keV given for information only